Dreauxlusional is a nonconforming unisex street wear clothing and family brand from Space! We DARE to be different and want to give our supporters the chance to show the World that they are 1 of a kind. And what better way to do it than with a uniquely amazing never before seen outfit as your first impression. We are a small ONE WOMAN BUSINESS owned and created by CEO LADREAUX who had the vision in 2014-15 of creating unique risqué clothing for outcast that did not typically fit in with the "norm" or wear anything considered "normal".




Solely started by Creative Director & CEO Lacey Dreaux (aka LADREAUX)

First creating the brand off just an idea alone purely from imagination and the connection Dreaux always had to the cosmos and outer space.

Dreaux was always known for her eccentric style and creativity. Almost daily she would visit local thrift stores and shop for vintage clothing to incorporate ideas from her imagination to tangible objects by hand painting designs on the clothing. Thrift store clothing was all she could afford and knew of at the time before learning about wholesalers.

"I had nothing written in stone, no business plan, real vision for the brand just winging it off the idea of loving to thrift and dress completely eccentric, like no one next to me. I knew my style was different and it had to be captured.."



During this time LADREAUX made use of her sketches and frequently added them to her newly revamped clothing. This is when she came up with her very first locally known design...

The "A.$.$ Caps"

Which was our very first sold out design and what most people thought was the logo for the brand now known as Dreauxlusional. But we wanted something more to represent the brand that is Dreauxlusional so we made our own logo, which was a "trippy" "drippy" version of Saturn


Once taking off with our FIRST major drop, we knew it was time to create more than just hats.

Most brands nowadays take the easy way out and drop ship their items, but DREAUXLUSIONAL from the start has always contributed to the production of our products.

We first purchase an embroidery machine and began embroidering inspiring phrases on our, still thrifted vintage clothing.


After leveling up and learning how to do our own custom logos on the embroidery machine, we purchased a sewing machine where we then began sewing on vibrant textiles and fabric pieces on all the clothing we had over the years from the thrift stores!


The next year we got hip to the vinyl and heat pressing where we could create 1-4 color t-shirts and hoodies then eventually full color printed garments!